• How can I invest with ?
  • How to understand the term investment period?
  • What is an investment calculator?
  • On what days do you accrue and make cash out?
  • What payment service can I use for investing and cash out?
  • How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?
  • When is my profit disclosed in the payment system after cash out?
  • Shall I cash out my daily profit via the same payment system that I used for investment?
  • How many deposits can I make?
  • I have registered, but didn t receive the email for account activation. What shall I do?
  • How do you provide confidentiality of investors personal information?
  • Can I reconstruct my password?
  • Can I change my password?
  • Can I change the bills number for cash out?
  • What is the commission for affiliate program?
  • Should I have an active deposit for participating in affiliate program?
  • Where can I see all my referrals?
  • Are there limitations of the commissions?
  • Do you have promo materials for working with referrals?
  • How to contact you if I have additional questions?

To start earning you should create an investment account and to open an active deposit, using accessible paying systems to make an investment. You can see your accrued interest the next business-day after opening the deposit.

Investment period is a period of time in the investment plan that you have chosen. During this period the invested capital is working for you. After the period ending you get all you invested sum together with the profit.

This is a special program for profit calculations. With its help you can calculate the whole sum of the profit with the interest that you get after the investment period, depending on the deposit value and the investment plan.

The profit is accrued on 7 days. You can cash out your profit every day. You get your money 10 minutes to 12 hours.

You can make investments and cash out your profits via the systems PerfectMoney, EgoPay, payeer, bitcoin

Your account will be updated as fast, as you deposit.

The payments are disclosed very fast.

Yes, cash out is made via the payment system that you used for making a deposit.

In your personal account you can make a necessary number of deposits, using one or several investment plans.

Check, whether your email is correctly written during registration and make sure that there is no our letter in spam section. Try to create an account with another email address.

We use SSL certificate and it helps to protect all the decoded data transmitted through our service. The SSL-protocol is working like a safe decoded connection between your computer and our server. is also protected with active DDOS server so that to exclude all the third parties’ unauthorized access.

Click on the link for password reconstructing. You ll get a letter with anew password.

You can do it in your personal account after the registration. Change your password regularly.

You can do it in your personal account after the registration.

The affiliate program is a good way to earn money even without investments. Your partners who are interested in investments are your referrals. You get 3% commission from all your referrals deposits. The commission is accrued and can be cashed out.

No, your affiliate program is open for all our clients, even without active deposits.

Enter your personal account and find all the list in the appropriate tab.

There are no limitations.

All the promo materials you can find in your personal account in the appropriate tab.

You can write to technical support or fill in the form in Contacts section